Next Generation in Cosmeceuticals
Most of the ingredients found in commercial skin care products are designed and produced for mass production and sales. This has led to the plethora of non essential ingredients that go into products that require us to be chemists in order to read and understand. 

We use ingredients that are simple, useful and effective. Our standards follows the rigors used by the national institute of health (NIH), using peer reviewed scientific studies and clinical data as the gold standard in the field of  anti-aging, especially in the fight against effects of free radicals  that pose danger to healthy skin.

Vitamin C Serum
Over a half a century ago Dr. Linus Pauling promoted the power of vitamin C to change lives with its potential not only heal by fighting off infection, but also its ability to enhance vitality and overall well being. But what was often overshadowed was also his belief that this vitamin held the key to a more youthful skin.

Decades later after his theories have gone through the ebb and flows of popularity vitamin C are now being recognized as more than just a potent antioxidant. It was found vitamin C can also deliver on the promise of a powerful new youth serum to fight the ravages of age, toxins, and photoaging in healing skin damage due to oxidative stress.

Through extensive research it is now known that vitamin C is one of the most vital precursors to collagen building in skin cells, which gives health skin that elasticity and firmness coveted in anti-aging. But unfortunately our bodies do not make vitamin C, we can only get it from external sources, and making matters worse we lose much of our ability to store it in any abundance as we age, especially the skin.

This has led to the innovativeness of Vitamin C as a topical serum, offering results once deemed not possible: The ability to regenerate significant collagen regrowth at the cellular fibroblast level by enhancing the genetic precursors of skin growth.

What was created in labs as a powerful new youth serum with skin changing attributes has now become reality as a game changer in the skin care industry, resulting in an explosion in the popularity of the C serum.